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Growing garlic may be one of the easiest things I have ever done.  Here is a step by step guide of how to grow garlic that worked for me.


When should you plant Garlic?

In Texas you can plant garlic anytime from late October to February.  If it undergoes a couple of freezes the bulbs will be bigger.  If its warm you will get a lot of greenery above the ground and smaller bulbs.

#1 Go to the grocery store.

Go to your local grocery store and buy a bulb of garlic (or more) and bring it home!  Organic varieties are best because they haven't been treated with chemicals to keep them from growing. You can also order garlic online for planting. Which is more expensive but great if you can not buy the variety you want at the local grocery store and it ensures that you get a variety suited for your growing zone.

#2 Break it down.

Simply take your bulb or bulbs of garlic and break them down into their individual cloves.  Do not bother removing the skin.  Every clove you plant is going to make an entire new bulb.

2 bulbs of organic garlic separated into its individual cloves. Ignore the potato and ginger, that's another future post!

#3 Plant your garlic.

Planting garlic is easy. In a sunny location take each clove and plant it in nice loose soil with the tip about an inch below the soil level. Plant it with the pointy end up. Then cover with soil and gently pack down.

You can plant in a garden, or even in a flower pot. Make sure to space far enough apart that the cloves will have plenty of room to become a full bulb. It depends on how big your bulb was but I would plant 6" apart to be safe, further if you plant Elephant Garlic.

Make sure your soil is weed free so your bulbs do not compete for room and nutrients. Adding mulch on top of your soil with help with weeds.