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Creeping Myrtle is also known as Vinca Minor.  Used as an evergreen ground cover with lush green leaves and beautiful bluish-purple flowers. I love this stuff.  My mom had some growing wild at her house so I stole a bag of cuttings.

I am trying to get it to grow in two areas that cover about 1000 sq feet total. So far I have it going great in about 20 feet.  I am slowly taking cuttings of the established ground cover and moving it to new locations in the area.

I have experimented with propagating it in 2 different ways.  Cutting the ivy just below a node and sticking it in a glass of water until it rooted, then planting the rooted plant.  This is great except I spend a lot of time cutting and planting the pieces.

Also by just taking a ton of cuttings, burying them in the dirt and keeping the dirt wet.  Within weeks you will see new little leaves poking through the soil.  While taking just a few minutes of my time, I only get about a 50% success rate this way.  I know if I would water it more frequently it would probably really take off!

Once established it will choke out all weeds and just be a gorgeous ground cover.  The hard part is keeping the weeds at bay while getting it established.  At times it looks terrible.  Last fall I put down several inches of mulch in the areas that do not have the ground cover.  I am going to remove it only in the spots that I am adding new Creeping Myrtle  and hope the rest keeps out the weeds.


Information about this Creeping Myrtle Vinca Minor:

Zones: 3 - 9

Height 6-12"

Water requirements: Drought tolerant once established.   We have been in serious drought so I do have to occasionally give them a drink, otherwise they wilt and are unattractive.

Sun requirements: Vary depending on your location.  In zones 8 and 9 shade is just great.  Cooler zones should try and plant in sun.

Evergreen (I have had it turn brown in the winter but come back strong in the spring.)

Creeping Myrtle is a "sub shrub". It's a trailing vine, it will not climb up structures.

Mow on highest setting once every spring.  It will make the planting area look more manicured and grow thicker.

Can be invasive!  You shouldn't plant in areas you don't want taken over! To eradicate cut plant, then spray cut stems with concentrated glyphosphate or triclopy.