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The Columbine flower is one of the easier perennial flowers I have planted from seed. The pictured plant is on its 2nd year.  They live 2-3 years but they self seed. With that said, I did not see any new plants happen this year. I am hoping to see some new baby plants next year, but rather than take a chance I will throw in a few seeds of my own to make sure I have a continuous lush area!

Columbine prefer full sun, but in hot places like Texas do just fine in part sun. These have certainly proved that as they are shaded by a big willow tree most parts of the day. They are said to flower from early spring to summer but I had flowers on these well into fall last year.

Powdery mildew is Columbines worst enemy but I have not seen any issues. The spores of powdery mildew are spread through splashing water and also travel in the wind  infecting plants.  I do the big no-no of just spraying them with the water hose.  I probably should start just getting the soil wet to prevent problems.

As for pests, leaf miners are said to bother them. If you see light colored "tunnels" on the leaves remove and destroy the infected leaves as this is a sign the fly larvae are feeding inside the leaf.  New leaves will grow in 

The flower looks exotic to me, which gives nice variety to the yard. They seem to do well if you forget to water them but certainly flourish with a little love.